Dear Sir or Madam

Who are the Scientists or researchers that study perspiration chemistry and foot microbes?

Experts who are familiar with the chemical composition of human sweat.
Part of their job may be to preserve a smell on a piece of clothing.  Preserving the sample in clean and non contaminating containers.

A man mentioned; this is a multi disciplinary field.  Odors in general is the Chemists field but if you take pheromone into account, you then fall into biology.

He did not mention the sub divisions of Chemistry and Biology of the different science professions that are involved.
Some of the different professions from the medical field that are involved with perspiration chemistry and foot microbes may be Dermatologists and Podiatrists.

Thank you for your expert advice.


all of the above suggestions are correct, noting biologists working on pheromones will mostly be non-humans and more likely to be rodents or insects. For a medical point of view yes it will principally be a subdivision of dermatology.

in addition the other 2 groups that immediately spring to mind who may work on odours are perfume manufacturers and forensic scientists.