Hi there,

I'm doing a project on watercolour illustration of several fruits and flowers, and would like to add their binomial names for each one. I've done my research on them but I still would like to verify them with an expert. I've attached the watercolour illustration with the Latin names I have. If you can help by verifying each one, I'd be very grateful.
I still have some concern about naming the white tulip. Some call it Purissima tulip but others call it White Emperor Tulip. I'm still not sure which one to go with.
And about the figs, is there any more specific variety of figs?
Thank you so much for your help.


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beuutiful pictures thanks so much more sharing them with us.

the names you have used all look correct and I can't find anything more specific for the figs. there are lots of different tulips but for the one you have painted, the name looks correct (noting I'm not an expert in botany).