When i was in school the other day (in London, England) a big flying insect flew at me and then kind of hovered next to me for a while. It was bright yellow on its head and end but the middle of it was like a black/brown colour. It must have been about 5cm long maybe more and about 3cm wide. The insect looked liked a bit of flying yellow and black chalk. Even though it was big i couldn't see its wings or legs. I have never in my life seen this creature before. I thought it might have been a foreign wasp at first but i'm not sure anymore.

Please could you tell me what it is ???

Thank you

Cassie X x x

              I wonder if what you saw might be a hoverfly of some sort. Here are some images in from a Google image search

http://images.google.de/images?hl=de&am … amp;tab=wi

Have a look and see if they match with what you saw.

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