Hi - I think this web site/forum is a terrific place for all sorts of people to learn about the diversity of life on Earth, but I'm curious as to why the moderators thought it wise to erect a separate forum for birds from the one on "Reptiles (including Dinosaurs)?"  After all, birds ARE dinosaurs, as has been amply demonstrated over the last 20 years or so.  While I agree that this information has largely yet to trickle down to the general public, or be incorporated into elementary education -- and I suspect that this is the reason that it's a separate category here: to cater to those who don't yet understand that birds are dinosaurs -- since the goal of this site is education, it simply doesn't make any sense to pander to (unfortunate) ignorance by maintaining the "old-school" position.  Why not simply "Reptiles (including Dinosaurs and Birds)?" 

...although I do realize that, of course, SOME artificial boundaries have to be maintained in order to feasibly divide categories and duties between moderators; after all, all the vertebrate categories herein OUGHT to be covered under "Fish (including Sharks)," since all of them, including us, are also fish (albeit highly derived ones!), but I'm guessing it's not feasible to have a single "Vertebrates" category.  Still, "fish" is largely understood as a paraphyletic grouping, used for convenience, but "birds" is always understood as a monophyletic group, as is "reptiles" (or, at least, sauropsids), which makes the separation of dinosaurs and birds in the site the only REAL artificial break, and I think it does the educational premise of the site a disservice.

Well Jerry, you really have hit the nail on the head. Since this site covers all ages from 5 and up, having dinosaurs within birds, or birds within reptiles would consfuse people who didn't know (and lets face it, reptiles are paraphyletic  anyway).

Still, none to my surprise we have had a number of questions on the bird-dinosaur link so there is plenty of information on the site about it.

Finally, this site is less than a week old. We are still setting up the contact e-mail, the 'labcoat' files and sorting out the forum categories for questions so nothing is finalised yet. Basically as you said we need some artifical groups to make things as easy as possible for as many people as possible. Those unfamiliar with the bird-dinosaur link will not be caught out and those who do know will soon find the section they are looking for.

Thanks for the feedback though, please check back with us later.