i wanna ask a question , please ..
How many joints are in the human body , according to the latest results ?!

thank you a lot ..

amon ..!

Not sure what you mean by "latest results" since the answer has not changed for a very long time!

Having said that it is very difficult to give a precise answer since it varies with the age of the person. A foetus has about 300 bones, but by the time of birth, many of them have fused together. The average adult human has 206 bones. If that wasn't complicated enough one then gets into difficulty by what is meant by a "joint". For example the skull is made up of a large number of small bony plates that knit together along their edges into a permanently fused structure that we think of as a single unit. Do we count each of those plates and where they meet as a "joint"?

In summary there is no definate answer to this question but the number is likely to be about 250-350.