Hello, after doing some research online i couldn't find the answer to my question. That question is, What is a person called that is born with neither male or female reproductive organs?

Thanks for your time.

The reason you have been unable to find a word to describe the condition you ask about is because it is unlikely to exist in humans. Embryologically and developmentally the default position is to develop female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. A normal functional Y-chromosome then changes that to the male phenotype. Loss of function mutations in the genes that code for the male sex organs usually result in a female-like appearance and in some cases, development of a rudimentary vagina and uterus but not ovaries. Even conditions which result in a missing X-chromosome (Turner's syndrome) still have the female habitus though with rudimentary or absent sex organs. Thus the idea that a "normal" human could be born but with no sexual organs and no secondary sexcula characteristics does not occur (or at least I am unaware of such a condition and have been unable to find such a description in the literature). Genetic mutations or chromosomal changes that really induced what you describe would almost certainly cause numerous other changes in many organs in the body that would be embryonically lethal so such an embryo would be most unlikley to be born alive or survive past birth.

In contrast to the above the opposite ie mixed sexual characteristics or ambiguous genitalia is called hermaphroditism.