The new AAB site has launched!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ask A Biologist started in 2007, with a site built on a shoestring budget and driven simply by the passion of biologists who wanted to help others understand the weird, wonderful and diverse world of biology. The site was a great success, with people asking hundreds of questions each year, but the more use everyone made of it the more it creaked at the seams: we needed a new site.

And this is it: after receiving some generous donations from our sponsors and several months of designing and building, AAB has undergone a huge overhaul both functionally and aesthetically. It's now a lot easier to find what you want, and there's usually some interesting recent and/or popular questions over on the right to inspire you. If you want us to identify something there's now the facility to upload pictures, and the whole "Ask a question" section is much easier to use. And we think the site looks absolutely gorgeous.

So please, go ahead and ask us a question - after all, this site is for you to quiz its experts, and we're here ready and eager to share what we know.

If you want to download a banner image to link to us with, or read the press release, please visit the press page.

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