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Alice Roberts

I'm an anatomist, science writer and broadcaster. I studied medicine originally, then taught anatomy to undergraduates at Bristol University for over ten years. I still teach anatomy to surgeons and anaesthetists. I'm currently Professor of Public Engagement with Science at the University of Birmingham.
I have a PhD in palaeopathology, which is the study of disease in ancient human remains. I'm interested in what old bones can tell us about human evolution, the diversity of the human species, and about diseases that have affected us over time.
On television, I'm part of the team presenting Coast on BBC2, where I often cover stories about archaeology or science. I have presented my won series on BBC2, including Don’t Die Young (about anatomy and health), The Incredible Human Journey (about the ancient human colonisation of the world), Digging for Britain (about British archaeology) and Origins of Us (about human evolution and anatomy).
I've also written several popular science books.
This year, I'm part of the team taking AAB to Cheltenham Festival of Science as a live event!

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